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DevCo’s philosophy is to see opportunity where others don’t and to swiftly and methodically capitalize on an opportunity for the benefit of both DevCo and the Owner.

Market Segments

Real Estate


Emerging Tech

Portfolio Turnaround

Foreign Currency

Renewable Energy

Team Resources

Every engagement is different and requires specific resources.  We work with professionals who are experts in their field.  We direct and oversee their execution.

Project Based Approach

We have an Investment Management Team that spends all-day, every-day fixing problems and executing solutions. We work every engagement like a project that needs to be completed quickly and completely.

Project Size

Our minimum project size is 10mm.  The project size is based on the potential size of a company, the potential valuation of a portfolio of assets, or the capitalization of a project.

Project Duration

We specialize on the investment management of assets, projects, and companies that need help now.  Our project engagements average 12-24 months and can include a complete re-vamping of a company.

Engagement Structure

Advisory Services: Fee-based structure calculated on a specific scope of work.

Management Fees:  On-going management fees and services that extend after the project is complete.


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