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Grove Hall: Boston's Art District

Master Development
Residential Units: 1,000 units
Affordable Units: 300 units
Market Rate Units: 700 units
Commercial Space: 100,000sft
Community Space: 20,000sft
Open Space:  60,000sft


A Hill Top Hub of Art and Culture

Located at the highest point in Boston, Grove Hall offers real estate developers, land owners, and local and foreign businesses, the opportunity to help create a community with the potential and individual charm of Savin Hill, Nubian Square, Union Square, and Allston Yards.

Focused on the arts community specifically, Grove Hall will look to capture and cultivate as much art and culture already existing in the area as possible, while also attracting and encouraging new groups to move in.

DevCo North America, LP, as the Manager of the Master Development is focused on the following goals:

1.  Build a community that the local community wants;

2. Allow ownership opportunities for new and existing community members;

3. Enhance what the community offers by focusing on green space, public space, and religious and  cultural space;

4. Bring in top tier developers interested in the Boston area

5. Focus on art studios and small retail spaces designed for artists and small retail owners

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R.E. Development Opportunities

9 Development Sites

> 203,000sft of land

> 620,000sft of buildable sft

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Art and Culture

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> 30 projected new retail spaces

Studio oriented housing

Work-live spaces

First level shops


DevCo North America is currently working with the various owners highlighted in red to include their parcels into the Master Development.  DevCo is also offering other owners within the target area the opportunity to join in the planning through the following structures:

1.  Acquisition:  DevCo purchases the parcel/property

2. Joint Venture: DevCo partners with the Owner 

3. Strategic Partner: DevCo includes an Owner's development plan in the permitting and zoning process and shares costs with the Owner

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Let’s Work Together

177 Huntington Ave 17th flr

Boston, MA 02115


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